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Strong Arm

Our Company is always searching for New future Strong Arm Talent.

What it takes to be a Strong Arm;

Honour, Motivation, Skill, Experience, Patience, Team Player, Talent, Qualification, Commitment and a Will to Learn!

If You are a Strong Arm; Join our team!  Experience Excitement, Challenge and Commitment in work opportunities Nationwide Canada and all across the Globe

You will Always Have a Job with Strong Arm.

Strong Arm Contracting Inc. offers;

Highly Competitive Wages, medical and dental benefits, referral incentives, direct deposit, and safety training to all employees

We are accepting ALL Applications of every skill level and qualification for all jobs in the mining and construction; residential, commercial and industrial industries.

Apply Now – Become a Strong Arm!

At Strong Arm, You will be working for a company that recognizes and rewards you for your talents and committment with  meaningful career development opportunities.

We have a unique culture here at strong arm, where new talent gets unnoticed!

We also offer referral incentives to you for any new talent you refer to us.  If you know of a talented and committed individual, ready and willing that you would like to work with, bring him aboard and you will both be rewarded.